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Botox can help when the first sign most people notice from the aging process are wrinkles around the forehead and eyes. Although wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process, numerous individuals believe they look older or tired once the wrinkles appear. Many individuals have chosen to decrease the look of wrinkles through injections. One of the most popular types of injections are called BOTOX® Cosmetic. Specific muscles of the face are relaxed by the injections. Wrinkles are reduced and harder to see after the procedure. One of the biggest reductions is in the forehead. This reduction remains in effect even when the facial muscles are contracted. You may be dealing with fine lines and wrinkles. Both can be effectively treated with this procedure.

The cause of dynamic wrinkles is movements made by the facial muscles when the individual laughs, squints and smiles. This type of wrinkle generally appears between the brows on the forehead and around the eyes. The wrinkles at the corners of the eyes are often referred to as crow’s feet. As the individual ages, the wrinkles are easier to see because they become deeper. The wrinkles become much less noticeable after this treatment. When the level of collagen begins to decrease, the result is the formation of fine lines. Collagen is a type of protein found underneath the skin and in the deeper layers. Both sun damage and the aging process can cause the collagen to thin. When this occurs in areas where facial expressions are made, the lines and wrinkles can get worse. 

Botox Cosmetic

Dynamic facial wrinkles can be reduced with this purified protein solution. This substance blocks the signals sent by the nerves causing the muscles to contract. Once the muscles have relaxed, unwanted wrinkles are decreased. The results last for multiple months. After this period, the wrinkles will come back because the muscles are once again able to move. The treatment can be repeated as needed for ongoing benefits. During the actual treatment, BOTOX® Cosmetic is injected into the facial muscles. This procedure only requires minutes of your time and takes place in the comfort of our office. There is no set downtime after this treatment.

In order to have this treatment, you must be a minimum of eighteen years of age and in good health. It is important to discuss your medical history and all current vitamins, herbal supplements and prescription medications with the professional prior to the procedure. It is important to note that individuals with specific conditions should not have this procedure. This includes:

• Neuromuscular diseases including myasthenia gravis and multiple sclerosis
• Individuals with drooping eyelids, extremely thick facial skin or deep facial scars
• Women who are nursing or pregnant
• Individuals with uneven facial features
• Individuals with a weakness in specific facial muscles

The Benefits of BOTOX® Cosmetic

This procedure offers a wide variety of cosmetic benefits. Some of these include:

• This procedure is a non-surgical, minimally-invasive option for individuals with wrinkles and fine lines.
• Your complexion can be almost completely flawless without the need for surgery.
• BOTOX® Cosmetic helps with wrinkles around the forehead, in between the eyebrows and at the corners of the eyes.
• This procedure can make your face appear less tired and more refreshed.
• Side effects from the injections are fairly uncommon.

BOTOX® Cosmetic encourages the relaxation of the muscles in the treatment area. In most instances, a treatment is necessary every few months or so in order to maintain the results. Small doses are injected into specific areas of the face. The most common injection sites include:

• The area around the eyes
• The forehead
• The region in between the eyebrows

The relaxation induced by the injections has been shown to be effective in the vast majority of cases. This treatment can work for both men and women who are dealing with dynamic wrinkles. It can be used on its own or alongside another treatment, such as dermal fillers.

The popularity of BOTOX® Cosmetic continues to increase with the passage of time. Although many individuals all over the world have become familiar with most of the cosmetic benefits, the majority of individuals are unaware of the extensive medical benefits. BOTOX® Cosmetic provides exceptional benefits. This is especially true regarding the effective reduction of wrinkles. The two most popular cosmetic procedures across the globe are dermal fillers and BOTOX® Cosmetic. The popularity of BOTOX® Cosmetic has significantly increased with younger individuals. The main reasons for the popularity of BOTOX® Cosmetic are the effectiveness, the inexpensive cost in comparison to numerous cosmetic surgeries and the fact there is no downtime associated with this procedure. Each person is interested in specific benefits of the treatment.

During an initial consultation, the professional will explain the procedure and the most common benefits. It is important to keep your expectations realistic. This procedure will not turn back the hands of the clock twenty or thirty years. The treatment is exceptional for handling the undesirable signs of aging and significantly improving the aesthetic appearance. It is important to ask the professional any questions you may have prior to the treatment. The professional should be experienced with performing this procedure to enable you to receive the best results possible. In most cases, the professional will have before and after photographs of patients for you to review.

The main ingredient in these injections is natural and found in animals, lakes and the soil. When small amounts of BOTOX® Cosmetic are injected into the targeted areas of the face, the signal sent to the muscles from the nerve cells is interrupted. This causes the targeted muscles to become relaxed. This procedure is used most frequently to treat wrinkles on the forehead, between the brows and around the eyes. When the individual makes an expression, the formation of wrinkles is prevented. A good example is an individual who only notices wrinkles near their eyes when they are laughing. This procedure is an ideal solution because the wrinkles will be unable to form. Although the most common use of this treatment is currently for anti-aging, there are a lot of additional benefits as well.

There are twenty medical conditions currently being treated using BOTOX®. This includes excessive sweating, crossed eyes, migraines, uncontrollable blinking and hand cramps from excessive writing. Since the muscles are effectively relaxed by the injections, even strained and overactive muscles become relaxed. This is what provides so many cosmetic and medical benefits. When the injection of BOTOX® Cosmetic is given by a qualified and experienced professional, the process is extremely safe and effective. Once the results have started to wear off, the individual can simply receive another injection treatment to maintain the results. The results generally last for months; however, it all depends on the unique case.

The History of BOTOX®

The discovery was first made by Emile Pierre van Ermengem, a Belgian scientist. This occurred in Belgium after an outbreak of botulism. Scientists in San Francisco, California attempted to isolate the substance during the 1920’s. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful. The isolation was not achieved for another two decades when Dr. Edward Schantz finally isolated the substance in the crystalline form. BOTOX® was then used by scientists during the 1970’s for the treatment of crossed eyes or strabismus. The researchers started testing the substance further. This was when they realized that wrinkles were decreased in certain areas.

After the successful branding, the FDA gave BOTOX® the approval for numerous different cosmetic and medical applications. The dates of approval for each procedure are different.

The benefits of the substance have been well-documented because this was the very first microbial injection used for the treatment of diseases. As the years started passing, more formulations were developed by the researchers. The BOTOX® solution was found to be both extremely useful and versatile. Today, many of the cosmetic issues triggered by the aging process are being treated with BOTOX® Cosmetic such as wrinkles and fine lines. The procedure is not only effective, but it is safe as well. Once the muscles are no longer able to receive signals from the nerves, muscle contractions are prevented. This enables the wrinkles and lines to soften and relax.

It is important to note that although the injections are extremely effective for wrinkles caused by the aging process, wrinkles created by damage from the sun or gravity do not respond to the treatment. The key benefits of BOTOX® Cosmetic are for treating the lines on the forehead, around the eyes (crow’s feet) and frown lines. The entire procedure only requires minutes of your time, and anesthesia is not necessary. The injections are made into the targeted muscles. In the majority of cases, multiple days are required before the results become apparent. It is important to stop taking any anti-inflammatory medications and aspirin a set amount of time prior to the treatment. These medications can cause unnecessary side effects that could have otherwise been avoided.

Many individuals have experienced results lasting for months. The movement of the muscles will gradually return. Once this happens, the wrinkles and fine lines will start to reappear. Most individuals choose to have a maintenance treatment using BOTOX® Cosmetic at this time. When the wrinkles and lines return, they are often less severe. This is because the muscles have been trained to stay relaxed. The best areas for the injections are determined by the professional. These are based on the anatomy of each individual. Since each person is different, the injections are not always given in the same sites. Prior to receiving the injections, the professional will ask the individual to frown and make other facial expressions. This is how the most beneficial sites are determined.

Our injectors know just how much of the product to inject in order to provide results that look natural. You’ll still be able to make a full range of facial expressions. The only difference will be that the skin in the treatment area remains smooth instead of wrinkling.

BOTOX® Cosmetic for Prevention

More and more younger individuals are seeking out BOTOX® Cosmetic injections as a way to prevent dynamic wrinkles from forming in the first place. In the past, the treatment was mainly known to be used on mature women who are dealing with wrinkles. However, it’s becoming commonplace for younger men and women to get the injections as a preventive treatment.

For example, we’ve seen people as young as in their twenties opting to have the treatment done. This may seem too soon to some people, but the truth is that even people in their twenties will start to see dynamic wrinkles on their foreheads and around the eyes. If this sounds like your situation, you don’t have to wait until your wrinkles get worse before seeking treatment. When you visit our office, we can evaluate your facial features and determine whether or not BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment can work for you.

Learn More Information During a Consultation

BOTOX® Cosmetic has helped countless people, and it could be perfect for you. The treatments are designed to be quick and convenient, even for those with busy schedules and lifestyles. In fact, the process is so simple that you can visit our office, receive the injections, and then return to most all of your normal activities as if nothing happened.

If you are interested in the BOTOX® Cosmetic procedure, please feel free to reach out to our team at Reflections Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa so that a personal consultation can be scheduled for you. During this meeting, we would be more than happy to assess your case and address any questions or concerns you may have about the treatment and the results. This simple injectable may be just what you’ve been looking for to achieve your aesthetic goals. However, you won’t know for sure until you consult with a professional.

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