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Why Votiva?

Over time, whether through the natural aging process or due to the rigors of childbirth, it’s only natural for a woman’s vaginal health to deteriorate over time. 

This can lead to a number of issues and complications that can be unpleasant to deal with, lowering your quality of life.

But now, a new treatment known as Votiva offers a way to reverse the damage done by childbirth or aging. Learn more to see if this treatment is right for you.

What Does This Treatment Do?

Any number of vaginal, pelvic, urinary, or sexual symptoms can arise from the damage done to the vaginal area by natural aging or childbirth. This treatment works to treat those symptoms by reversing the aging process similar to the way that other treatments offer anti-aging solutions for other parts of the body. 

Now, this minimally-invasive treatment option provides a non-surgical way to deal with these problems that just about every woman faces. The secret to this treatment’s success and effectiveness is the use of radio-frequency energy to impact the body’s aging process. 

This energy stimulates the natural production of collagen in your body, a compound that helps reverse the aging process and that your body naturally produces. Increased collagen production helps to increase the sensitivity of the treated area, improve natural lubrication, and put an end to skin laxity.

Who Can Benefit from This Treatment?

Because of its wide-ranging benefits, there are a number of potential patients who may be good candidates for using this treatment. 

Anyone lacking firm, taut, and stable skin in the vaginal area due to aging or having children can see the years rolled back as a result of this treatment. That can boost your self-esteem, putting the false impression that you’re becoming less desirable with age to rest so that you can be your most confident self. 

There is a range of other symptoms that can be alleviated through using this treatment as well. Certain types of vaginal pain, such as pain resulting from an enlarged labia, can be remedied using this treatment. 

This treatment can also help stimulate blood flow, strengthen muscles of the vaginal area, and help alleviate urinary incontinence, making this treatment versatile in the effects it provides.

What Is the Treatment Process Like?

There are two steps involved in receiving this treatment, each involving a separate element that is applied to the treatment area.

First, FormaV treats the internal tissue, then FractoraV is applied to repair external tissue. Unlike many other cosmetic procedures, this treatment is entirely painless. All you’ll feel is a gentle warming sensation, and you’ll be able to go on with your day-to-day life the moment your treatment is over with no discomfort involved. 

Improve Your Life 

Want to turn back the aging process and think that this treatment might be right for you?

Our team of experts at Reflections Cosmetic Surgery in Cartersville GA can provide you with comprehensive information so that you have everything you need to know to decide if treatment is right for you.

What does Votiva treatment cost in Cartersville, GA?

The cost for any cosmetic procedure is extremely variable. It depends on patient’s goals, their body habitus, and their physiology. It also depends on the surgeon’s experience and expertise.

Price shopping for a cosmetic surgery is something that isn’t recommended and must be done with caution.  National averages can be seen on the American Society of Plastic Surgeons website found at  

Choose the surgeon and practice that makes you the most comfortable and is the correct fit for you.

Dr. Gusching will discuss the cost of your individual procedure with you at your consultation. We are proud to offer CareCredit® and Patientfi financing to our clients whom wish to use convenient monthly plans. For more information, visit our financing page.

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