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Why Evolve by InMode?

Cellulite and the loss of muscle tone are two common consequences of aging.

 If you are looking for a treatment that can tighten your skin and remove excess fat cells without surgical intervention, Evolve by InMode could be right for you. 

Here at Reflections Cosmetic Surgery in Cartersville, GA, we use this innovative laser technology to create customized and effective treatments for our patients that help them regain their smooth contours.

What Is Evolve by InMode?

The treatment uses radiofrequency to generate heat, which can stimulate your muscles so they appear more toned and destroy unwanted fat cells. As a result, your skin will look tighter and your contours will be improved. It is a very popular therapy, as it addresses three different tissues at the same time: your skin, muscles, and fat cells. The RF energy passes through the top layer of your skin and into the deeper layers, where your body will perceive an injury.

While there is actually no injury present, the body will send rejuvenating proteins like collagen to the site, which remodel your skin and help it to look fresher. Once the energy hits the muscles, they contract involuntarily, so it simulates the muscle toning you do when you exercise. 

Finally, fat cells are more sensitive to heat than other cells because they are made of lipids, so the RF energy will destroy them while leaving your other cells intact. 

Who Is This Right for? 

Because of its non-invasive and gentle nature, RF treatment is suitable for almost everyone. Your gender and skin color won’t matter because it is colorblind, so it can work on people with various levels of melanin. When you come in for your initial consultation, we will review your medical history to make sure you’re a good candidate, but most reasonably healthy adults who are not currently pregnant should be a good fit.

Your Goals 

The greatest consideration when deciding whether this is the right method for you will be what you are hoping to achieve. RF treatment is not a weight-loss therapy, so it works best if you are already very close to your target weight but are struggling with stubborn pockets of fat. Because your treatment is so customizable, we can target the exact area you need, so you can finally achieve the target shape you’ve worked so hard for. Other concerns that may make you an ideal candidate are cellulite and sagging skin, which may appear either due to aging or genetic factors. We can devise a treatment plan that addresses both of these so that your skin will regain its smooth and firm appearance.

How It Works 

Body sculpting is very versatile, so you can make use of this technology no matter what area of the body you’d like to alter. Before getting started, you will come for an initial consultation, during which we can discuss your goals and whether this is the ideal solution for you. Generally, your appointment will take around 30-60 minutes, and you are likely to have 6-8 sessions, but your treatment plan will be unique to your situation. 
When you come to our center, we aim to provide you with a pleasant experience, and this treatment makes it easy because of its quick and painless nature. You will feel some warmth, but no discomfort. The FDA-approved treatment is unique because it is completely hands-free, so your provider won’t even need to touch you for it to work. That’s why it’s the ideal sculpting method in Covid times, allowing you to enjoy some quiet alone time while it is working. 

A Versatile Method

While many treatments are very specific, body sculpting using radiofrequency energy can work on virtually any area, including your arms, hips, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, or knees. It addresses not only those excess fat cells you can’t reduce by dieting, but also common conditions such as cellulite, skin concerns, or issues with muscle tone. This, along with the fact that there won’t be any scarring or damage, is why it’s such a popular option at our center. When you have surgery, there might be long-lasting scars or other side effects, but this innovative approach helps you to avoid more invasive methods. You won’t even need an injection, so you can visit the clinic feeling completely relaxed.

A Note on Safety

Some people are concerned about the safety aspect of radiofrequency therapy, but this has been thoroughly addressed by this product. Your sculpting device includes controls to prevent damage, so it will automatically shut off if the temperature gets too high. It also sends us feedback so that we can track how much radiation is introduced to which areas of your body. You will also be provided with a call button before getting started, which allows you to contact us at any time in case you feel concerned or have questions. This way, you can enjoy the experience on your own, while always feeling reassured that there is someone here to help.

Sculpt Your Body Into Its Ideal Shape

The innovative body sculpting treatment Evolve by InMode works to restructure your tissues by harnessing radiofrequency energy. While your muscles will be stimulated and your skin cells will produce more collagen, the excess fat cells can be melted away. As a result, you appear slimmer and more toned, and common concerns like cellulite can be eliminated. Contact us today to schedule your consultation. 

What does Evolve Body Sculpting cost in Cartersville, GA?

The cost for any cosmetic procedure is extremely variable. It depends on patient’s goals, their body habitus, and their physiology. It also depends on the surgeon’s experience and expertise.

Price shopping for a cosmetic surgery is something that isn’t recommended and must be done with caution.  National averages can be seen on the American Society of Plastic Surgeons website found at  

Choose the surgeon and practice that makes you the most comfortable and is the correct fit for you.

Dr. Gusching will discuss the cost of your individual procedure with you at your consultation. We are proud to offer CareCredit® and Patientfi financing to our clients whom wish to use convenient monthly plans. For more information, visit our financing page.

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