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Why Upper Blepharoplasty Surgery?

Are you dissatisfied with the appearance of your eyelids? Do you feel like your eyes are obscured by dropping or sagging lids?

Upper blepharoplasty is a procedure designed to correct sagging skin on the upper eyelids, restoring a youthful appearance and offering a long-term solution to this common sign of aging.

At Reflections Cosmetic Surgery Center in Cartersville, GA, we can help you achieve your ideal image.

Read on to find out if this cosmetic surgery procedure is a good fit for you.

What Is Upper Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty, which is sometimes called an eyelid lift, is a cosmetic surgery that removes excess skin and fat that cause sagging eyelids. 

Upper blepharoplasty can revitalize the upper eyelids, offering you a complete transformation in one simple procedure. Like the popular facelift, the eyelid lift creates a more youthful appearance and can help you gain confidence as you create your ideal image.

Like any surgery, this procedure requires patients to be in generally good health and to be free from any eye or skin conditions in the target area that may interact negatively with the procedure. However, it is considered safe and effective for the majority of patients.

The surgery takes just 1.5 hours to complete and involves a simple recovery period for most patients. With this one small surgical correction, you could completely transform your appearance and turn back the hands of time.

How Long Do Results Last?

While some cosmetic treatments can improve drooping eyelids, there is no effective way to permanently correct this condition other than an eyelid lift.

This surgery allows our doctor to remove extra fat and skin, which creates smoother eyelids and a more youthful expression. Depending on your areas of concern, an upper blepharoplasty may be the best way to address your drooping lids. 

Every patient’s experience and results are unique. However, most patients achieve results that last at least 7-10 years. Many patients enjoy their results for longer, and some even experience lifelong results.

If you’re interested in pursuing this procedure, our doctor can give you a basic idea of how long your results may last based on your age and your areas of concern.

What Should I Expect?


Your consultation is one of the most important steps in your journey to younger-looking eyes. 

During this appointment, you’ll meet with our doctor and discuss your cosmetic goals. Our doctor will examine your eyelids to determine whether an upper blepharoplasty can correct your concerns. They will also review your medical history to ensure that you are fit for surgery.

If you are approved for this procedure, they may take pictures of your eyelids so that you can compare before-and-after images once your recovery is complete.


Part of your preparation for surgery may include examinations for general health and eyesight. This helps ensure that you are in good health and measures your current vision limitations so that you can compare them to your results after surgery. 

In order to effectively prepare for surgery, our doctor will instruct you to stop taking certain blood-thinning medications, herbal remedies, and supplements.

In the week before your surgery, you should prepare your home for your recovery period. You should ask a friend or family member to drive you to your appointment and stay with you for 24 hours to monitor your recovery. You may also want to have some forms of entertainment available, including podcasts and recorded books to listen to while your eyes recover.


On the day of your surgery, you will be able to speak with our doctor and ask any last-minute questions before the procedure begins. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and skipping makeup application, especially in the eye area. 

Once you are ready, our doctor will administer local anesthetic to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. The procedure can be done with general anesthesia or with just local anesthesia. They will then begin trimming away fat under the skin of the eyelids and closing the skin to create a smooth surface.

Once the surgery is complete, you will be moved to a recovery room, where you will be monitored closely. Our doctor will release you to return home once they are satisfied with your recovery progress.

You will be given instructions for recovery and should plan to rest at home for the next several days.


During recovery, you should apply an ophthalmic bacitracin ointment to your eyelids and use cool compresses as needed, especially during the first 24 hours. Otherwise, you should not touch your eyes or eyelids while the area heals. 

You must avoid any strenuous physical activity for 1 week, but you can take short, gentle walks several times a day to stimulate blood flow. You should not smoke or take any medications not approved by our doctor until you receive permission to do so. If you wear contact lenses, you will need to wait at least 2 weeks before inserting them.

We recommend that our patients wear sunglasses when they go outdoors if they find that they are sensitive to the light. Some patients find that sleeping upright is more comfortable for the first week after surgery.

Within the first week of surgery, you will return to our office so that our doctor can check on your recovery progress. There are usually a small blue suture that will be poking out from the skin that will be removed at this appointment. Don’t worry, it isn’t painful.

They will give you permission to return to your normal activities based on where you are in the healing process. Most patients are able to return to work within 1 week, while others need 1-2 weeks to recover completely.


Thanks to its relatively short recovery time, you could begin to see results from this procedure the day after surgery.

For most patients, the healing process is complete within 1 month. Incision sites, which are strategically placed in the folds of the upper lid to minimize visible scars, typically fade within 1 year. 

Once your final results are visible, you should notice that your eyelids are flatter and smoother than before. There should be minimal skin folds and fat pockets that create a sagging effect. Any vision issues caused by excess skin should be eliminated, and you should be able to enjoy an overall younger and more alert appearance for at least 7-10 years.

As time passes, you can revisit our office to address any additional aging-related concerns as needed.

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They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, so why let yours be overshadowed by drooping lids? 

Regain your confidence in your appearance and correct sagging lids with an upper blepharoplasty!

To learn more about this procedure, contact our team of experts at Reflections Cosmetic Surgery Center in Cartersville, GA, to schedule an initial consultation today! We look forward to helping you reach your cosmetic goals!

What does Eye Lid Surgery cost in Cartersville, GA?

The cost for any cosmetic procedure is extremely variable. It depends on patient’s goals, their body habitus, and their physiology. It also depends on the surgeon’s experience and expertise. 

Price shopping for a cosmetic surgery is something that isn’t recommended and must be done with caution.  National averages can be seen on the American Society of Plastic Surgeons website found at

Choose the surgeon and practice that makes you the most comfortable and is the correct fit for you.

Dr. Gusching will discuss the cost of your individual procedure with you at your consultation. We are proud to offer CareCredit® and Patientfi financing to our clients whom wish to use convenient monthly plans. For more information, visit our financing page.

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